WONSA, Sverige

Wonsa Sverige

Every 15th minute a child or adult become victim of sexual abuse. Rape causes physical wounds which eventually heals but the psychological damage can be harder to treat. With the right care Trauma cause by rape can be treated though and this is WONSA’s mission.

Special treatment is important to heal the psychological damage after an abuse but the access to special treatment is very limited. Only 400 patients per year can get treatment at the existing special clinics in Sweden. With 6300 reported rapes every year this means thousands of children and women are left without treatment.

WONSA is Sweden’s only research- and specialist center for patients who have been sexually abused. By systematically collecting data WONSA aim to contribute to research about the damage and treatment alternatives of sexual abuse. In addition to offering medical care for victims of sexual abuse, WONSA also educates doctors, politicians and young people about issues related to sexual violence.