Teskedsorden, Sverige

Teskedsorden Sverige

Together for diversity and tolerance

Our young generation is becoming more tolerant, while the self-perceived vulnerability is high among students. The vulnerability to violence, threats and harassment is a reality for some schoolchildren, both inside and outside the school’s walls. Intolerance is a growing threat in today’s society.

The school has a unique opportunity to prevent racism and intolerance. This by teaching students values that respects all regardless of ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, function variation, etc. At the same time, studies show that school staff often lack tools in the classroom to deal with and prevent racism and other forms of intolerance.

“Tolerance is one of the most beautiful words we have,” says Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité, artist and now author, member of the Teskedorden. Teskedsorden is a Swedish organization that has been working since early 2006 to reach children and young people at different levels of education. With the help of culture – literature, cinema and theater –Teskedsordern want children and even adults to reflect on tolerance and humanity. The vision is a tolerant world where everyone has equal value and rights.

Teskedsordern creates projects and develops school material sent to schools. For example 800,000 copies of the book “How to cure a fanatic” written by Amos Oz has been sent to schools around Sweden. The organization also organizes and participates in events and educational programs aimed at increasing tolerance and respect among people.

By providing school staff and parents with tools for highlighting issues of intolerance, discrimination and racism in school, Teskedsordern contribute to an inclusive Sweden. A Sweden where diversity is seen as an asset and everyone has equal value and rights.

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