Sinal Verde, Brasilien

Sinal Verde Brasilien

In Brazil education is free and mandatory for all children between the age of 7-14. But a lot of children finish school with uncompleted grades or drop out of school early. Why? Because their families’ situation means a lot of the children need to contribute at home instead of focusing on school.

The children from socio-economically exposed backgrounds who do continue to attend school usually have a hard time keeping up with their studies due to malnutrition or lack of support from home. Eduardo and his family decided to do something about this growing problem and 2013 they started the organization Sinal verde. Their mission is to give children from low income families the support they need to complete their education.

Today Sinal Verde is helping 25 children in Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro offering the children and their families activities from Monday to Friday parallel with their school schedule. Every day they serve nutritious breakfast, offer help with home works and try new activities together. When there is a need they also provide free health care, therapy and dental care for all the children.