Ren & Attraktiv Kust, Sverige

Ren Attraktiv Kust Sverige

A cleaner and more prosperous coast with Ren & Attraktiv kust

Litter and plastic gathering in our oceans and along our coastlines has become an alarming problem in only a few decades. Every year between 4000 to 8000 cubic meters of litter float ashore on the west coast of Sweden. Removing the litter and keeping the coast clean is expensive and time consuming work. It can only be done by manpower and since 2008 there is no governmental support given for this work.

Ren & Attraktiv Kust is an organization consisting of 11 counties along the Swedish west coast collaborating to create a cleaner coast. This work benefit not just the environment but also wild life and the people living in these areas. To maintain this work 16 million SEK (USD?) is needed every year which is far more than what the organization receive from official agencies today. Therefore, in addition to cleaning the west coast Ren & Attraktiv Kust also try to put political pressure on the government to contribute to this important mission.