Projekt Kallampa, Ecuador

Projekt Kallampa Ecuador

In Ecuador, people with functional variations lack access to some of their fundamental human rights, such as access to school. As a response to this Mónica Vaca started Centro Infantil – a Maria Montessori school in Otavalo, Ecuador for children with functional variations, the only one in Northern Ecuador!

A majority of the children attending Centro Infantail school come from families with small financial resources where parents don’t have the opportunity to give their children the support they need. The school also provide food during the school hours and for some children that is the only meal they eat on an entire day. The school also collaborates with Project Kallampa, a musicgroup active since 2013 who visist the school at least once a year to stimulate the children through music, dancing, theatre and play. The project has had a very positive effect on the children who usually are introverted and have problems communicating but always lights up when project Kallampa comes for a visit. Follow all the happenings and work going on at the school on the blog down below.