Project Playground

Project Playground

Social development at individual level

Project Playground is an non-profit organization that works to improve children and young people’s opportunities in life. The organization was founded in 2010 by Princess Sofia and Frida Vesterberg. The vision is a safe world where all children and young people grow up with hopeful belief in the future and the opportunity to influence their own lives.

Therefore, Project Playground works at an individual level to inspire, motivate and engage children to utilize their inner power and potential through organized activity, sports and social interactions. Project Playground’s activities are conducted in South Africa’s shantytowns since 2010 and in Sweden for children coming alone as refugees to Sweden since 2016.

In South Africa, all children and young people between 4-21 years, regardless of background and circumstances, are welcome to Project Playground’s free after school activities. Under a single roof they offer leisure activities such as football, music and dance, support program to counter crime and violence, day program for people with disabilities, psychological support, nutritious meals and much more.

A meaningful free time builds self-esteem, ambition and motivation – tools to influence their own lives. It helps realizes dreams, creates employment and role models. Only when you care about your own life and look brightly into the future can you break down negative patterns and exclusion. It, in turn, causes positive impacts on the whole community.