PCVC, Indien

PCVC Indien

Almost half of all women in India are victims of domestic abuse. Every 6th hour a woman is burned alive, beaten to death or force to take her own life. Usually by her own husband and his family. Million of indian women and their children live their lives in fear. Acid attacks and fire attacks are very common. 60% of the attacks have a deadly outcome and 90% of the attacks occur in the woman’s own home.

Since 2001 PCVC have been working to support women who have been victims of domestic abuse. PCVC offer medical support, therapy, support in legal processes, counselling for families on women rights, education, a safe home and much more. The goal is to build hope for a brighter future and show that a life without violence is possible.

The cost of helping a woman and her child is about 250 SEK (översätt USD?) per month.