Mr. Mattias & Seng Nga English School, Kambodja

Mr. Mattias Seng Nga English School Kambodja

Mr Mattias & Seng Nga Engish School was started 2010 by swede Jenna and Cambodian Chonn in the memory of their two brothers who tragically passed away the year before. In Chonn’s home village they started a project to offer free English classes to children in the area. By giving the children in rural areas the opportunity to learn English, they get better conditions for further studies. This, in turn, increases the chance of work and reduced risk of ending up in child labor or trafficking.

The children are offered free English lessons outside to their regular school schedule. In addition to traditional teaching, the children offer different activities such as games and singing to practice the English language. Several of the students have gone on to study at high school and university.

Now the organization launched a new project in addition to their English classes. When a Swedish dentist visited the project it was discovered that the dental health of the children is very poor causing the children tooth ace, making it hard for them to attend school in periods. Therefore, the organization want to improve the dental health of children through daily tooth care. The goal is for 150 children to receive tooth brushed, toothpaste and education in dental health.