Kudumbam, Indien

Kudumbam Indien

Sustainable agricultural knowledge across generational boundaries

As in many other countries, India’s agriculture has undergone a major change in recent decades. Agriculture has gone from small-scale, diversified, organic farming to industrial uses which has had devastating consequences. Soils have been depleted and groundwater quality has deteriorated, which leads to poorer crops and lower income for small farmers. Poverty among peasants usually hit girls hardest. For example the girls are not sent to school due to expected work in the household and in many families, the boys are given the majority of the little food available.

Kudumbam was started when the founders discovered that small farmers living high up in isolated mountainous areas possesses important knowledge of how to use the soil ecologically during drought or on dry, apparently unusable soil – a problem that the peasants further down the valley suffered from. To improve the situation for farmers in the area the organization started to teach these methods, helping farmers to use their land in a substainable way. Today, a large part of this work is being done at the Kolunji Ecological Farm, a 30-hectare farm managed with traditional organic methods. As a result of the free education in organic agriculture given to farmers here, the lives of local farmers have improved significantly.

Vidivelli Children’s Home

An important part of Kudumbam’s activities is the children’s home Vidivelli Children’s Home, housing 16 children who have lost both or one of their parents. The children recieve school fees to ensure completed education and during the weekends, the children are thaught ecological and sustainable farming techniques at the Kolunji Ecological Farm. Education, especially for girls, creates opporunities for a better life in the future with stable income, family planning and education of their future children. By focusing on the children, we are creating a better future both for the environment, society and people.

The collected funds go to Vidivelli Children’s Home.