Kenswed Academy, Kenya

Kenswed Academy Kenya

A way out of the slum

Kenswed Academy is the secondary school in Nairobi, Kenya, run by the non-profit association Global Relations. At school, young people from Nairobi’s shanty towns attend, who because of economic or social reasons are unable to attend high school otherwise.

The school was established as a reaction to the poverty that characterizes slum areas in Nairobi which limit children’s opportunities for adequate education. The school was built in the scenic Ngong Hills, separated from the slums’ garbage, insecurity and chaos. Here students can focus on their studies and feel good together with their peers. In the school yard there are trees and simpler farming as well as toilets where the sewage becomes biogas used for cooking.

Kenswed Academy follows the Kenyan national curriculum, the rules set ut by Ministry of Education and applies modern pedagogy. The school often has exchanges with Swedish teachers and teacher students for mutual knowledge and competence building.

Today, 245 students attend the school, 123 boys and 122 girls, 13 teachers and 8 people responsible for cooking, the library, the gardens, the buildings, etc. The school has grown from simple sheds to 5 classrooms, a teaching arena, a music studio and 2 labs. Recently a water tower was built that not only supplies the school with water but also the neighbors. The plan is also to provide the surrounding schools with water in the near future. During the recent year Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation also opened an internat for girls. Here students get shelter, food and help with homework.

Today KenSwed Academy is ranked as the 10th top secondary school in Nairobi county.