Despite the fact that hunger and poverty have halved in 25 years, 795 million people still live in chronic hunger and malnutrition – 98% of those in developing countries. The majority of people living in chronic hunger do so because of extreme poverty, not because of starvation- or natural disasters.

The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit organization working to eliminate hunger and poverty by creating groundbreaking and sustainable grassroots development strategies with women in focus. The hunger project operate programs in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

What is needed to eliminate hunger differs from country to country, but thequestion is always the same: What’s missing? Three basic components are needed to create sustainable changes efficiently: social mobilization, gender equality and cooperation with local authorities.

The organization’s model is simple: The one who owns the problem also owns the best solution for change. When the vision, the commitment and the solutions are based on the people themselves the change is substainable. The hunger project always works in partnership with people living in hunger and poverty. The goal is to be self-sufficient and that the organization will no longer be needed.