Hand in Hand

Hand in hand

Female entrepreneurship – the way out of poverty

According to World bank’s definition of poverty (3,1 USD per day), one third of the worlds population is living in poverty today. Hand in Hand is convinced that women entrepreneurship is the way out of poverty. Women have an important social and economic impact on the family and society. Studies has shown that women usually reinvest 90% of their earned money in their family while men usually reinvest only up to 40% in the family’s well being.

With a unique model, Hand in Hand are dedicated to improving the living situation for people in India, Kenya and Zimbabwe in a sustainable way. The model consists of self help-groups for women where they receive education in entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and together the members start joint savings. The savings are meant to work as a emergency funds and In addition to private savings the members are offered help applying for microloans to start their own businesses.