Hamro Ghar, Nepal

Hamro Ghar Nepal

Education, security and love

1 out of 3 children in Nepal are forced into child labor due to poverty. Many children do not have the opportunity to go to school. In the capital Kathmandu, Suresh and his wife, Unnati, run the home of Hamro Ghar. The 12 children living here come from poor families or families without parents. At Hamro Ghar, the children grow up in a safe and loving environment and also get the long-awaited opportunity to go to school. When possible, Suresh and his wife also help children’s families financially.

Saturday, April 25, 2015, Nepal suffered a powerful earthquake – the strongest in 75 years. It came to take more than 6,000 lives. The earthquake that hit Nepal 2015 ravaged large parts of Kathmandu, including the house where the children live.

The children managed physically undamaged but the reconstruction work has taking a long time and even though the house has been repaired, the economic situation of Hamro Ghar is still difficult. There is a great need for support to run the children’s home, pay school fees, staff costs, etc. By supporting Hamro Ghar, you can help to give the children at Hamro Ghar a safe and loving home that gives them the prerequisites they need to give up out into adulthood eventually.