Grötprojektet, Tanzania

Grötprojektet Tanzania

We all know it’s hard to concentrate when you’re hungry. Imagine being so hungry that you become sick or even pass out at the same time as you’re trying to focus on school.

This used to be reality for a lot of children in Masaiischool in Mwakikonge, Tanzania. Ida Storm discovered the alarming need for food and water at the school during her internship in Mwakikonge and started Grötprojektet. Since the start of the project it has managed to fund three big water tanks on the school area, a school kitchen, two new school buildings, provide school material and school uniforms. In addition, they also feed 280 students every day. Thanks to Grötprojektet students are not going hungry to class anymore, can concentrate on their studies and their health has improved considerably.