Giving People, Sverige

Giving People Sverige

Against child poverty and social vulnerability

In Sweden, approximately 250,000 children live in economic and social vulnerability. We call it relative poverty. This includes families with children with an income below the EU-defined limit – less than 60 percent of the country’s average income.

Many of these children grow up in very difficult conditions. At home there is a shortage of food, hygiene items, suitable shoes and cloths. The children end up in social exclusion in the school environment and rarely participate in leisure activities, birthday parties and excursions. Often they grow up in long-term poverty because of unemployment, long-term sicknesses and such. The largest target group seeking help is single parents with part-time or low-paid job. These parents usually do everything in their power to make ends meet. But with a lack of buffer and network means that they can’t always meet their children’s most basic needs.

The Giving People Help Organization was launched in 2013. The goal is to combat child poverty and to spread knowledge about economic vulnerability and its consequences. By using social media, the organization has been able to engage hundreds of thousands of people around Sweden. Sensors have contributed with food packages, clothes, baby formula, toys and much more to families who can not afford even the most necessary due to their financial situation. This way tens of thousands of children have been fed, got clean and warm clothes, have the opportunity to participate in summer activities and more.