Fundación Qhanawara, Bolivia

Fundacion Qhanawara Bolivia

Fundación Qhanawara is a small non-profit organization operating the Qhanawara leisure center. The center serves as a meeting place for about 50 school children and their families in the Los Lirios residential area, about 8 km from La Paz, Bolivia.

Around 17% of Bolivia’s population live in extreme poverty. An effective way to reduce extreme poverty is to invest in education. But in order to cope economically, children often need to contribute to the household economy. They are therefore forced to interrupt their education to work instead. Poverty also means that many families can not afford to give their children nutritious food. This in turn affects the child’s learning ability and education severely. This is what the situation looks like for many children in suburbs of La Paz, Bolivia.

At the center Qhanawara they work with children and young people who come from the most economically vulnerable families. Every day, children between ages 2-16 years come after school to do homework and get a nutritious meal. For many of the children this is the only nutritional food they receive all day. But it’s not just homework and food the kids are offered.

Here the children are also offered psychological support and, if necessary, medical treatment. Various activities are also orginazied, such as visits to the swimming pool, excursions, etc. In this way, you make sure the children have a meaningful leisure time – something that many families can not afford to give their children. The children get important stimulus and motivation to complete school which in the long run helps them and their families out of poverty!