EOTAS School for deaf, Tanzania

EOTAS School for deaf Tanzania

Hearing impairment – no problem!

As in many other countries, hearing impairment in Tanzania means stigmatization from an early age. There is no access to good schools for children and adolescents with hearing impairments, which means these children from the start struggle in school.

The Environment Oriented Training and Support Foundation (EOTAS) is a Dutch ideal grassroots organization which operates a school for children and adolescents with hearing impairments in Dodoma, Tanzania. The organization was founded with the goal of establishing a complete education program, from pre-school to professional education in a safe and positive environment.

EOTAS also supports families whose children are deaf or hearing impaired with communication and hearing aids. In school, all communication is done through the Tanzanian sign language. The school now has 70 children with different hearing impairments, all of whom attend normal primary school education during the Tanzanian curriculum. Thanks to the organization’s work, hearing loss for these children is no problem!