El Mundo Ideal de los Niños, Argentina

El Mundo Ideal De Los Ninos Argentina

In 1996, Elder Herminia Lopez met Viktor. Viktor was a hungry, angry boy who was having trouble keeping up with school because of the problems he experienced at home. The problems at home turned out to be due to financial difficulties. Herminia started caring for Viktor, givig him food, a listening ear and help with homework after school.

As a result, more children in the neighborhood began to come to Herminia for help. She soon realized that Viktor was not alone in being in this situation. She founded the organization El Mundo Ideal de los Ninos, which has helped many children to a brighter future in the Almirante Francisco Segui district of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Today, El Mundo Ideal de los Ninos offers help to 25 children and adolescents, aged 6-14 years. The children receive nutritious food, help with homework and get to try different activities such as handcraft- and music classes, English studies and computer theory. Together with the staff, the children also learn to manage a organic garden where many crops are then used in the cooking! As many of the children lack access to adequate medical care – many of their parents simply can not afford it – they are offered medical help when needed.