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When a young woman gets education – society changes

In Tanzanian society, many women lack influence – both at home and in society at large. When boys are considered to be more likely to support the family in the future, they are the ones who are mostly attended school while the girls stay at home.

A major problem that many young women experience is involuntary early pregnancy. This can pose a huge economic strain on the young woman’s economy. Because it is a taboo for a young girl to return to school after she has given birth, many pregnant women interrupt their education. Besides the restriction of taboos money is also needed to return to school. Even if Tanzania recently took a huge step forward by removing school fees in the country money is still needed for food, housing, school supply and school uniforms – money a young girl often doesn’t have.

Therefore, CYY Tanzania set up a fund to help support young women in the Iringa district to complete their education. Research has shown that when a youn girl is educated she begins to plan her life, helping her family and putting her children in school. All of this helps impove the lives of young girls and the people around them – changing society and breaking the chain of poverty.