Blue Dragon, Vietnam

Blue Dragon Vietnam

Step Ahead – a program that changes the future of children and their families

The Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation has been working in Vietnam since 2003 to help vulnerable children to a better future.

The UN estimates that around 1.2 million children each year are exposed to human trafficking. There is a major problem that arises from poverty and powerlessness. Poor children from rural areas are particularly vulnerable. When parents can not afford to let the children go to school, the children are sent to the cities in the hope of work. Once they get there, the risk that they fall for human trafficking increases considerably.

The organization Blue Dragon is working to remove children from the street through various programs aimed at homeless children, children forced to work under hazardous conditions, children with functional variations and girls who have been victims of sex trafficking. The Step Ahead program is active in Hanoi, Vietnam providing children living on the street with food, clothes and shelters, thus ensuring that they do not end up in child labor. Work is being done to reconnect families, giving children who are unable to attend school education and families legal assistance. By listening to each individual story, the efforts are tailored to the needs of each child – a successful way of working that has made a difference in over 68,000 children’s lives.