BanaPads, Uganda

Banapads Uganda

BanaPads breaks taboo, creates jobs and gets more girls in school

Imagine not being able to school, go to work or move freely 3-6 days a month because of such a natural thing as menstruation. Unfortunately, this is the reality of 56 million women in East Africa.

Buying sanitary pads are expensive and due to this a lot of women rely on homemade pads which is both unhygienic and unadequate as protection, causing women and girls to rather stay home then to move outside during their periods. For a lot of young girls this mean they’re missing on average 180 school days during their primary education. This have a negative effect on girls performance in school and prevent them from participating in society on equal terms.

Banapads in Uganda is working to change this by manufacturing environmentally friendly, low cost pads out of banana fiber. The pads are manufactured in small factories around East Africa where women are hired for lack of supply. Here women get education in manufacturing, leadership, etc. This way Banapads not only supply women with adequate menstrual protection but also create work opportunities for women empowering them to improve their lives. Besides selling the pads women are also employed to do informational work about menstruation to break taboos in society.