ASAP Malawi

ASAP Malawi

Strengthening women, education and better environment

ASAP stands for A Self-Help Assistance Program and is a local organization located in Blantyre, Malawi, which was formed in 2008. The organization works, among other things, with economic integration of women and men without access to a formal bank account, business development in rural areas and

promoting sustainable agriculture run by women.

The focus is mainly on marginalized women in rural areas. Efforts are being made to highlight women’s rights through action at local and national level. The aim is make people feel responsibility towards women and their demands, needs and rights.

Over the years, ASAP Malawi has developed and installed smart water wells. Together with the women, they have also developed environmentally friendly, sustainable and fuel efficient stoves. This has reduced the labor burden of women, which previously had to spend hours every day to collect water and fuel for cooking. The stoves are not only efficent but also reduce emissions – saving both the environment and the women using them from toxic smoke, improving their health signifigantly.

In addition to educating women on how to manufacture these stoves, women have also been trained in entrepreneurship to create long-term sustainability for them and their families. This way women strengthen their socioeconomic status as they get tools to support herself and their families!