Wellstreet – the road to success

Wellstreet was founded in February 2016. The name is a translation of Brunnsgatan, a street in central Stockholm where the two founders Sïmon Saneback and Mikael Wintzell had their first office.

Wellstreet is an entrepreneurial-led competence company that invests in early stage sowing and venture capital together with operational and strategic commitment in online-based, consumer-centric and data-driven companies. The goal is to create profitable globally scalable companies with a clear product/market fit and validated business model in a short period of time.

Christmas 2016, Wellstreet chose to give a Christmas gift to Project Playground of 10,000 kr. With the help of the Wellstreet family, the goal was to bring in even more money through the digital donation option placed on the Wellstreet family companies’ pages.