Only For Heroes

Only for heroes

For heroes – by heroes

Children and adolescents struggling against tougher odds than others are real heroes. Just like their parents, educators and logopeder who work with them. But even the biggest, strongest or toughest heroes face challenges that are difficult to cope with on their own.

The key to learning and good results is joyful learning with the right tools. Therefore the online store Only for Heroes focus on efficient and fun tools for learning for children and adults with functional variations – products that increase the chances of learning. Only for Heroes are real heroes who, through their online store, contribute to help children and adults with functional variations to create great things in life.

And their heroism does not stop here, but stretches beyond Sweden’s borders – all the way to Ecuador. Here the web shop supports the fantastic organization Project Kallampa that educates children and young people with functional variations through music, theater and art. Curious about Only for Heroes? Visit their website and read more.

Only for heroes