IT Mästaren Addtruly

Passion is all

IT-mästaren started 2000 in the middle of the IT bubble. And it could have ended in a crash – as it did for many industry colleagues. But IT-mästaren survived and has steadily grown stronger and bigger since then.

Today IT-mästaren supplies IT services and data communications services. The passion for technology is noticeable throughout the company and the common tech-interest play an important role in the development and prosperity of IT-mästaren. But the company culture also plays an important role in the company’s success – a culture based on values ​​such as responsibility, joy, willingness to develop and customer focus!

During Christmas 2017, IT-mästaren chose to take responsibility and commitment one step further. In Sweden in the fall of 2017, we saw how the #metoo campaign slowly changed social structures. As a response to this IT-mästaren has chosen to support the WONSA organization. Through treatment, research and education, WONSA works for a world without sexual abuse.