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Every year, 6,000 fires occur in Swedish homes. One third of the accidents happen in the kitchen. The time between the discovery of a fire and the start of extinguishing determines the amount of damage. There, an easy-to-use sniper can make a big difference.

Firemill is the world’s first snatcher, designed for smaller fires, produced by Inventi Vidi AB. The fire extinguisher operates on carbon dioxide cartridges, the same that are used to produce carbonated water. It is both easy to use and to practice with – and the extinguisher is also cheap and easy to refill. Firemill is designed to stand in the kitchen to be close to hand if accidents happen.

In connection with the launch of Firemill, the amazing decision was made to support the PCVC organization. The organization operates a clinic in Tamil Nadu, India, to provide medical care to women who have been subjected to burns related to domestic violence. In India, a woman is exposed to violence with fire or acid every 6 hours. The clinic offers medical care, rehabilitation and various efforts to strengthen women and provide them and their children with a safer, more independent future. For each product sold, Firemill donates $ 50 to PCVC and thus creating hope for burn victims in India.